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Well here I go again. My buddy has me ticked off a little. We usually race for fun on a local stretch of empty road outside of town. Before I get chewed out by some of you older more responsible folk for that, let me clarify. We have set rules to keep this looking more like a passing maneuver and from it getting out of hand. Top speed is limited to 70mph for both cars so the first to 70 usually takes the cake. Also, we keep it smart by not "passing" when any traffic is present or when lighting and weather conditions prohibit it. He usually wins. I don't mind. But, lately he's been getting cocky and it ticks me off. He wouldn't dare talk down the R/T, but I can't get it to him that 2.2 and 2.5 Spirits share some common blood outside of body style. I plan on making my TBI an all out project car someday, but right now it gets me around. I can't afford to have it parked for more than a day, but I've started some minor mods that hopefully will help me catch some Zs. I removed the AC(that helped) and installed a chip(which has done nothing) I'm looking to by a new header and maybe a performance cat. As for the intake, I got plans, but not sure if they'll work. I was looking to convert over to MPI, but without the turbo. I feel adding a turbo to a 140k TBI car is asking for trouble. I already have everything including a ported manifold, wiring harness, 40% larger injectors(which maybe I should change back to stock), and a 58mm TB from a TIII motor. I also picked up a K&N cone filter for a 5.0 Mustang and devised a way to rig it to a cold air kit. I have a turbo too, but like I said I'm afraid to run it. Will the setup produce any efficient gain without the turbo? Will the SMEC even allow the car to run without the turbo? Am I missing anything I need to do the conversion? And how long would you say it'd take me?
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