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I have a Gude turb kit on my Zx2 escort. The turbo kit consists of everythin to make this puppy run and ive been spooling a little,

but i got a great deal on a t04e a/r50,,,, a/r63exhaust

I have a te04h on the car and everything and its all hooked up to steal braided line,

i need to know what the thread is for the fitting that goes inside the turbos oil feed and my return line has got a flange on it, anyone know what the thread of this flange would be?

My new turbo oil feed is threaded.
i cant get the old line off until i tear the front end off my car due tyo no space to remove stuff,
id like this to be a quick change consisting of 1-2 days instead of a week or 2 of running to part stores
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