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So I went out to put some miles on my Duster and I happened to have the granger valve on set as low as possible so that the ball and spring wont rattle unless you shake it really hard. I was trying to run 6psi but have the boost controller lie to the wastegate so the wastegate would not open early like they are designed to do. BUT because of the bleed after the ball and spring, I cant get less then 8psi boost unless I loosen the grainger more...and I think that negates the effect of the boost controller helping spoolup.

Drive away from a light not very quickly, and get into 2nd gear and lightly accelerate while I see the nose of a very new e46 M3 start to pull past my car. I quickly proceed to hit the limiter in 2nd and then shortshift into 3rd (since 2nd is useless) which puts a lot of cars on him...but my car was alllllll over the place. Had to stop at the next light after it turned into one lane.Douch had his girlfriend with him who had a big smile on her face. I made some unkind gestures, felt bad about that and repented with an exuberant shoulder shrug that they could see and went on my way. :p
Probably wasnt one of his best ideas trying to race me.

Driving down another big empty road between some industrial parks, I found that the car would NOT go straight. It wouldnt just pull to one side, but all over the road that I could not keep the car straight in 3rd gear no matter how hard I tried.

I pulled over because that seemed quite dangerous. Pulled off the boost controller, and 6psi again (with more lag because wastegate opens early) makes the car go straight :D

I dont really want to get an alignment but I know the car needs it. I think the tires are toe'd out in front because of a problem I had last year and I hope that is what makes the car squirrelly.

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jack it up put it on jack stands so the car is resting on the frame and shake the wheel left to right- should have no play in there. if you feel play( should be a clunk clunk as you shake the wheel) have a friend shake the wheel back and forth while you lay under the car and see where the play is coming from. also while its up on stands, push and pull on the bottom of the wheel. if you get any in and out play your lower ball joints are worn out and need to be replaced too
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