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1973 Dodge Charger 1987 Shelby GLHS #941
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Hello everyone!
I am new to the forum new to cars. So please be patient!

I commented on an old thread form 2003 about a rare red GLHS and was sucked in by the awesome back story of the car and mostly because of that I HAD to purchase it!
Unfortunately it is not running right now, so we have a lot of research and work ahead us to bring it back to life! But #941 is still alive!! (partially) I have named her Diablo!
I have started a youtube channel for this resurrection and boy oh boy is she getting a few doubters!! Kind of fun though since I have back up thanks to this forum! I don't know if links are allowed to be posted so I don't want to disrespect or break a rule, so if it is allowed, please let me know.

She is sleeping peacefully in a garage in Columbus, Ohio now and will keep you posted!

Happy cruising!
Katrina in Ohio
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Awesome purchase! These are some of the best cars to restore. I bought a condition-unknown red LeBaron convertible and ended up doing a complete engine rebuild. Parts and tools were cheap, I was able to do it all on the curb in front of my house, and thanks to good documentation and a helpful community here, it went without a hitch.

I suggest starting a Project Log thread as well. I've seen plenty of YouTube links here, so I doubt there are any rules against that.
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