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Things I found in my oil pickup

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I pulled the oil pan to try to stop it from leaking and found this in the pick up.

It’s some kind of red tinted epoxy that I think was used to seal the “freeze plug” that covers the provision for the turbo oil drain. My car is an NA so it is not used.

I guess it’s something to watch out for. It is very brittle so it could easily get by the screen and clog up the pump.

I took it off the pickup and banged it out. Some hardened rtv and a chip from the factory drilling the head or balance shafts came out.

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The TIII guys find these in their pickups all the time.

It's like Cracker Jacks, it's a surprise in every box. Take enough engines apart and you'll find all kinds of stuff. I've found lifter parts, connecting rod nuts, valve seal parts, of course silicone, I've even found tin foil and aluminum foil, etc. valve tips. Friend of mine even found a 13mm wrench in a downpipe once in his GLHT. It had a funny rattle...
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@4 L-bodies Ugh, don't get me started on the lash adjusters. I had a head washed, and I carefully selected the best set of lash adjusters out of THREE heads, ran it for a few hundred miles, and I ended up with what looked like sections of Slinky inside the motor and a bent rod. After another disassembly, I found more than 16 of most of the lash adjuster pieces sitting around inside the head. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to play Jacks in the engine? If I put one back together, which is getting less and less likely, I'm going to use solid lifters.

@Harmonica I bought a LeBaron with four shattered pistons. It had busted a fairly large chunk off of one, smashed it up, spat it out, and kept driving faithfully. I'm still running that motor in one of the Spirit R/T's. The valves and turbo looked perfect...which is the path the piston chunk must have travelled.

My favorite, though, is when I found a head bolt washer stuck in a valve spring in an otherwise perfectly running engine.
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