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This time I need a Starter

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Hey guys its me again.. I got my car all back together and went to turn it over and nothing... So I get a hold of the PO and low and behold the starter was going before I bought it.. so Help a brother out.. I need one quickly so I can get this car moving..

So to recap I need a starter that will work with an 89' Dodge Daytona T2. Please p.m. me and we can work something out.
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$75 rebuilt, $139 new, both made by worldwide and sold at Advance Auto Parts. High quality stuff, got one on my Daytona.

There are 2 styles, Bosch and Nippondenso. Priced above is for the Bosch since it is more common.

I know you probably want cheaper but they will more than likely have it in stock.
I don't have an Advance Auto near by lol, I have NAPA and O'Riley's... I was going to check but I assume both have core charges and I won't have a core for a while.
I have a couple of starters from '89 up 2.2/2.5's that worked when removed. Let me know what brand you have and I'll check mine. I'll sell cheap. Thanks, Steve - Iowa
I have no clue which brand it is.. Someone else will have to fill me in on that.
I recieved a PM and I'm leaning more toward the Bosh starter. If you have one that's good p.m. me
Sorry slow getting back to you. I have 4 bosch starters from common block 2.2/2.5 engines which is what came in '89 & newer cars (they're about 10" long and about 3" in diameter and have "Bosch" on the body by where it bolts to the engine) . I'll pick out the best one and ship it to you for $49 guaranteed. Let me know. Thanks, Steve - Iowa
Sorry but this thread can now be closed, I ended up buying a new one due to time constraints. However thanks for the offer everyone.
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