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Have you ever decided to wrap that important and sorta small little part in a piece of paper towel and set it aside on/near the engine it belongs to, only later to be picking up around the shop and entirely by accident, threw it in the friggin' trash!

Well, that is exactly what I did yesterday, I was putting together a fresh 2.2 turbo bottom end for a friend/customer and after working the entire day, while I was picking up the empty gasket boxes, blue shop paper towels, spent RTV tubes, etc...I inadvertently picked up the piece of paper towel I had wrapped the oil restrictor in and threw the lot of it in the trash. Then just about 15 minutes ago, realizing what I had done I raced to the curb and fished it out, and only a few minutes later the trash truck came and emptied the herbie-curbie.

What a Homer moment that almost was. I had visions of having to follow the truck to the dump and sort through my entire neighborhood's trash to find it!



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