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* Actual Name: Harry Lui
* Location: AZ 85204
* Contact Information: tryingbe at yahoo.com
* Feedback: TurboDodge.Com - Turbo Dodge forum for Turbo Mopars, Shelbys, Daytona, SRT-4, PT Cruiser, Omni and more! - iTrader - tryingbe

Shipping is not included into price. I will combine shipping. Send me your zip code and I'll get you a quote.

HIGH temperature anti seize $5 a film bottle worth, good for 2400F

$25 for NEW 89+ gasket and seal set, UNOPENED. Shipping is about $12.

Doesn't have head gasket, rear main seal, and valve stem seal.

It has thermostat gasket, waterpump gasket, injector o-rings, distributor o-ring, oil pan gasket, cam seal, intermediate shaft seal, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, turbo oil drain back gasket, intake/exhaust gasket, throttle body gasket, and much more. It will pay for itself if you use nothing but the oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket than if you buy them from a part store.

FFV fuel rail and regulator. NO injectors. $30

Bare TI intake manifold with knock sensor. $10

TII compressor housing $30

P/S pump $35

2.5 inch swingvalve, ported from a 2.25 inch BIG flange swingvalve, welded crack $60

TII 87 Garrett turbo, comes with a small flange 2.25 inch swingvalve. Small can is damaged, but I will modify a T1 big can to work with the turbo.
Took it off a rear-ended junkyard car. No oil wetness from compressor or turbine housing. $150 I can get it professionally rebuilt for extra $220. If you buy this with the 2.5 inch swingvalve $200 total.

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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