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TII injectors on a TI log car?

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Will this work, or do I have to adjust the fuel pressure?
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We used the 32pph 2.2L T2 / 2.5L T1 injectors on the SDAC-Chicago New Yorker with the stock log T1 rail and regulator. Ran a little rich at idle but worked good otherwise.
Ditto. I ran them in my 84 daytona i/c'd log with no problems except the clips don't work. You have to find a way to keep the injector in the rail. I machined down the rail mounting bosses so the injectors wouldn't leak. you could also use a dremel and cut the groove for the clips.
I thnk the NYer just had them in there, no clips, the rail just held them in...
mine would leak if any kind of pressure was put on them so I removed about .100" of material from the manifold where the rail bolts on. that lowered the rail farther onto the injectors and stopped them from leaking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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