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TII Turbo stalls

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I have a 87 Daytona TII turbo. Car stalled and won't start, I've swapped out or replaced all the usual suspects HEP, TPS replaced with new one, AIS, Checked Coil, Fuel pressure is 55 LBS.

I got a new ECM power module and the car started and ran for about a mile until it stalled and left me stranded luckily closer to home this time.
Codes with old ECM power Module 12, 24 & 55
NEW ECM - Codes with new ECM power module 12, 24, 27 & 55. This ECM started and ran for about a mile and stalled then it would not start again. Code 12 battery disconnected, 24 TPS, 27 Fuel inject control problem and, 55 END.
What could cause the code 27 Fuel injector control problem. Can this be the fuel pump ?

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1)If you have a no start condition you have to determine if the issue is Ignition, Fuel, Engine Controls or Engine Mechanical.
2)If you installed a "rebuilt" controller underhood (power module) and got fault codes that were not previously there and return after clearing them and cranking the engine 7-10 seconds then you have a faulty controller, I have seen this too many times with aftermarket controllers, especially if it is a "Cardone" remanufactured unit.
3)Your vehicle has 2 engine controllers, the Power Module underhood that does the actual work, and a Logic Module behind the R/S kick panel, the LM does all of the thinking and calculations.
4)Never just keep throwing parts at a problem, it may make things worse if you get a defective component or disturb something such as you have now, a logical diagnostic sequence is what needs to be performed instead of throwing the "parts dart".
5)Code 24 is a TPS code, either TPS voltage is low or high. If closed throttle TPS voltage is above 2.50 volts the engine controller assumes you opened the throttle to allow more air in so it assumes the engine is flooded and goes into "clear flood" mode and the injectors will not be pulsed until the voltage drops below 2.50 volts.
Using a digital voltmeter backprobe the TPS connector Signal Line(OR/DB wire) and the Signal Return Line (BK/LB wire), with the key on read the closed throttle voltage, it should be between .30 and .90 volts.
6)Code 27 can be caused by corroded injector connectors which is a common problem.
It may also be caused by other issues.
Have you used a Noid Light to check injector pulse on all cylinders?
The Noid Light will show 1 of 3 things while cranking the engine.
a)Flashes on and off, this is normal operation
b)Illuminates but does not flash on/off, this could be an injector control issue, the injector control wire is shorted to ground or a faulty engine controller.
c)The light does not illuminate, this indicates no power to the injectors.
Power is supplied to the injectors through the ASD Relay, the ASD Relay on your car is internal to the PM, which you recently replaced.
You can rent noid lights at AZ for free, leave a deposit which is fully returned to you when you return the tool.

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See post #9.
The capacitor is only a radio noise suppressor, it has nothing to do with spark intensity.
What has changed since post #9?
Have proper diagnostics been performed?
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