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I live right across the AZ border (Nogales, Sonora, Mexico) and have access to brass-copper metal radiators. Two-row radiators came from factory in the Mexican Spirit R/T and Phantom R/T with the TIII (and all TII too), so they are direct replacement for the US spec Spirit R/T and Daytona Iroc R/T.

I can get these radiators either in two-row or three-row. I have made two group buys in the Turbo-Mopar forum and mostly thee-row US spec radiators were sold. You can read all the info here: TIII All-Metal Radiators

There are four options available:
1. Two-row brass-copper radiator (US spec) - $215.00 shipped
2. Two-row brass-copper radiator (MX spec) - $200.00 shipped

2. Three-row brass-copper radiator (US spec) - $250.00 shipped
3. Three-row brass-copper radiator (MX spec) - $235.00 shipped

The difference between the US spec and MX spec is the filler neck. The US spec radiator has a short neck and the MX spec has a long neck. Both fit US cars but the long neck will have the neck very close to the reservoir. There are pictures of everything in the link I posted above.

P-Body two-row and three row radiators are also available but I need to check price on those depending on how many people want one.

Whichever radiator you pick, they need to be fabricated so it will take around 15 days before I can ship them through UPS.

I will make a group buy of 5 because there are already 5 people waiting and I'd like to keep it 10 maximum. If you are interested in more than 1, just repeat your username.

If you have any additional questions you can send me a PM or an e-mail at [email protected].



US spec:

MX spec:

I apologize for the late reply. I don't have any in stock but I can still get them. If anyone is still interested, please e-mail me to [email protected]!
Don’t know of you still have access but would be interested in a Radiator for my 1992 Spirit ES 2.5L Turbo. US Spec TII. I sent you an email as well, and look forward to hearing from you.
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