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TIII garrett and manifold

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Date: 10th January 2012
Username: 86seeS
Full Name: wes huddleston
City, State, Zip:new castle 47362
Contact: 765 465 1202
Price: $300.00 shipped OBO

Description: NO shaft play nice and fresh. Ready to bolt up ill throw in a brand new set of stainless lines

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Bump 375.00 shipped with new stainless lines
sorry if they may sound a bit off... but most get confused.
Is this a garrett T3 turbo for a T2 engine or is it a turbo for the T3 dohc engine? Thanks
That is a good question.
It seems that TIII is for the DOHC engines, whereas T3 is for the SOHC engines
But this is not a rule engraved on the marble
TIII lotus turbo and mani
Bump 350.00 obo
Bump 300.00 got to go
Is it "nice and fresh" because it's been rebuilt recently, or is it just a nice, used turbo?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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