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Engine oil cooler with adapter that fits between block and filter (no hoses) $50+shipping

TIII parts

Water pump, housing, and pulley (needs to be cleaned) $35+shipping

R/T engine wiring harness. Includes harness to alternator & harness to starter
not in the best shape but every thing is there. $50 +shipping

(2) R/T intercoolers one has a mounting tab off $40+Shipping for both

Super 70 turbo(bad will not spin). I was told that It was a super 70 but it looks like a stock turbo to me. How do you tell a super 70 from a stock one? If it is a super 70 $40+shipping

Stock R/T coolant lines Feed & return both look almost like new $20+shipping for both

R/T Fan & over flow can (think it need a new motor) $30 +shipping

R/T grill. Two small cracks on the inside of the grill looks perfect from the outside. $30 +shipping

R/T AC lines some rust on metal part $25 +shipping

I will be listing more parts as I pull them off the car

I also have a ton of parts listed on ebay: Vacuum harness, Complete intake, water box & t-stat housing, upper timing belt cover, New mopar headgasket & mopar head bolts, Valve covers,AC bracket, exhaust manifold, and more to come. Just search for spirit R/T. My ebay user name is bethany017
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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