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Adam Lengel
PA 18088
[email protected]
ebay feedback 100%
ebay username bethany017

Weld dragelite wheels,tires,centercaps, and lug nuts
I had these on my chevy s-10 for about 10 miles (never to the track) then took them off because i didnt want to destroy my stock 10 bolt rear.
Rears are 8"wide 4"backspace. Tires M/T ET STREETS 26x10.5x15
fronts are 5"wide 3"backspace. Tires Bridgestone potenza P185/65/r15
comes with centercaps,and lug nuts(12mx1.5). $600 pick up only

Trans oil cooler $15+shipping

TIII parts
new mopar headgasket & headbolts $75+shipping
used thermostat housing (no cracks) $20+shipping
used water pump, water pump housing, and pully $35+shipping
used alternator $30+shipping
used serpentine belt tensioner $30 +shipping
home made header I got this with a car I bought so i dont know much about it. It has a chrysler bolt pattern. $40+shipping

I also have valve covers, turbo, manifold,and air box listed on ebay. Just do a search for spirit r/t (my ebay seller name bethany017)


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I also have a TIII flywheel $30.00+ shipping
and a spirt r/t motor mount bracket (The one that bolts to the front of the motor) $10.00+ shipping. I have pics of both for anyone that wants them, just let me know your email address.
Thanks Adam
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