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Thanks, Dr. Johnny Dodge, for your comments about tire size and handling issues. A few years ago I bought some V rated tires, 205/60 15s, and I realized too late that I did not really need them, because how often do I drive at 140 mph? (Never!)
Do you ever watch Motor Week on Public Broadcasting? They always talk about taking a new car for a "spin", but they were told by a race car driver that racers do not like the word "spin", because it implies that you have lost control of the car and are swapping ends, or what I call "doing an endo." Taking a corner fast can be fun, unless you are going backwards! For a car with FWD, don't ever let up on the gas in a corner. It is always better to brake before the corner, (never brake in the corner because the tire will lose adhesion at the limit)) and then accelerate thru it, controlling the power slide with the gas pedal and steering input. I have driven on 225/60 14s and they had impressive grip with a bigger tire patch/footprint. My Daytona had rear disc brakes and the 14" rim was too small for that car, but the tires worked well on other models such as Reliant/Airies, Shadow//Sundance, etc. The wider tires cost a premium in most cases.
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