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ok there's a couple of issues here
first when fitted with a225 tire a daytona is equipped with 225 50 15'
not sixty series tires ..FIFTY SERIES
you won't get the 60 on the car
not enough space

'80's mustang 5.0's used a 225 60 15..


tire diameter compassion ... www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=195-50r15-225-50r15

and , sorry daytonas don't 'handle" they have decent ride quality but they don't

I had an 86 turbo z , after four cars with 225 50 15 I was getting tired of the ride quality
so I went to a 215 60 15 for the increased sidewall height
they just barely fit

on a dodge fwd car like ours the passenger side wheel is mounted slightly forwards of the driver's side wheel
this means the tire is slightly closer to the front edge of the wheel well opening
-if your car isn't bent somehow this is how cryco built it
reason I presume - it resists rolling off the crown of the road if the passenger wheelbase is slightly longer

anyways.. on both my 86 turbo z and an 87 shelby z I had those 215's on
the passenger front wheel just barely touched the edge of the plastic nose where it bends and mounts to the wheel well lip
it never hit hard enough to rub the paint off or even mark the paint.. but it did touch
there is no way you'll ever get a 225 60 on there..

oh and the ride quality was much improved with the 215 60 15's in -place of the o-e 225 50 15's

handling was completely unaffected because as stated..no handling capacity to start with

handling capacity
a shelby charger is capable of turning onto a side street at 50 mph
a daytona will instead reverse ends and go into whatever is on the side of the road at that same corner BACKWARDS

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92/3 daytonas have the front wheels moved forwards..I'd presume the passenger side is again slightly forwards
but .. having an 86 , an 87 and a 92 in the driveway at the same time you can also see the difference in the radius of the 92/3 wheel well at the front..
that change in radius means the 92/3 front end don't fit 84-91 fenders and the reverse is true
because of the fold over going into the front of the wheel opening where the nose cover attaches

also the trailing axles don't swap as the distance between wheel center ,spindle,and the pivot at the frame changes
the position of the pivot mount under the body physically changes in the chassis build too.. so there's no way of swapping early /late rear axles
that axle change might be in 90 or 91 .. I can't remember now but an 87 axle was a no go in a v6 daytona

and..I had two gun metal blue 86 turbo z's ..both with the standard hand pump , manual adjust seats both also had a/c,similar mileage and o-e shocks n struts
one had manual mirrors and no rear wiper
the other had power mirrors and rear wiper
(base power group)
and the ride quality difference..

like walking a puppy vs an adult dog...there's a difference.. nice light .. free feeling vs .. eah .. "this isn't the same
apply the above to both my 87 shelby z's they were dull n heavy feeling

I strongly believe "base power group" triggered an automatic change in spring rates
-consider the 16 way power seat is 72 pounds with the seat tracks attached.....according to my bathroom scale

84-86 turbo z's sit one inch lower than an 87/8 shelby z..front and back
87 shelby z got a one year only harder rubber pivot mount for the trailing axle
87 K cars and vans with 520 5 spd trans got a unique bracket on the diff and used an L body style dog bone bobble bracket

sorry straying off topic ..kinda

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blue 86 with 215 60 15's on it
the 86 has the struts from the 87 and the 87 has the struts from the 86

back end of the 86 is stock rear 86 spring n shock

note wheel centers vs rocker skirt (height)...then you notice the gap above the front tire.. had helping ,a taller 215 on the back with the lower 86 springs stillin place

proportionally ..I really much prefer the 215 60's over the 225 50's

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