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hi, I am having a problem with the timing on my 85 Omni 2.2l turbo. i just installed a new timing belt and i double checked that lined up all the marks on the gears and i was positive it was at top dead center on cylinder #1. I started it up and did a full ignition timing check and made sure it was at 12 btdc at idle with the cts disconnected. But it does not run well. it smells rich and the exhaust has a burble to it. After a brief test drive, every time i hit the clutch, the idle would drop very low and the only way to keep it alive was tapping the throttle. No matter how i twist the distributor it does not fix the problem. I have done several guess and checks with the cam gear already as well thinking it might be a tooth or two retarded(notch turned too far towards firewall).
Keep in mind: It ran perfect before i changed the belt.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: turns out it was actually a cracked Vacuum Line.

(sarcastically) Thanks for the help everyone! So many replies so fast!

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