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Timing Off?

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Cam Timing Off?

I was reading other post about timing and came to the conclusion that my timing may be off by a tooth, but im not sure what direction it may be off.

The engine has a slightly rough idle and when i accelerate the rpms rises kind of slowly untill around 2500 to 3K then is one hell of a beast past that rpm. All of my launches are slow because of this.

Can anyone else confirm this from this info? and possibility what direction i need to turn the cam to correct this and the best way to fix it, im a car newbie :)
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Nothing wrong with being a newbie. What you are experiencing is turbo lag. Most all of the turbo cars start to pull good by 3k so what you feel is normal. Some come on faster, but that all depends on mods, tune, ect.
To check your cam/crank timing do the following.
Pull all the plugs so the motor will turn over w/ less effort. Turn the crank bolt until you find top dead center on your trans. window. It should read zero when you are there. Now remove your top cam cover and see where the small hole is pointing. It should be around 12 o clock. If It is at 6, rotate the crank around one full revolution to find t.d.c. again. Now with a small mirror place it about 2-3 inches away from the cam pulley. Now lean down and look back into the mirror so you see the cam sprocket holes and the two arrows on the pulley. You will have to move the mirror around some to get a clear view of what I am talking about. The two arrows need to be lined up with the cam tower caps if it is correct. You will see what I am talking about when you do this. If you need more help, let me know. :)
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I'm just a lil worried after reading other post about the cam being a tooth off. Most of them say their car acted the same way mine is or the opposite, great low end power and none at 4500 rpm. It bothers me that its so sluggish while taking off, most other cars are a lot faster on take off than mine. Other people on the forums brag that most other cars get them on launch but its because their spinning their tires through first and second.

My buddy has a 91 shelby and says he can spin his tires in first and second. He has a stock engine and turbo, but has a 2 1/2 inch exhaust and a better comp. He makes a lot of power at low rpms.

He says its probaly because I have an automatic trans (with a shift kit) in mine but I'm still sticking with the timing being off. Other people who put an auto in theirs says their cars all run great.

I also don't have the stock garret turbo, it broke on the last owner so it has a mitsu until I buy a rebuilt and use the garret as a core. I'm only running 12 psi right now and will turn it up when I get my air/fuel meter.
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The auto just makes it that much worse unless you have a stall convertor. The mits. does spool faster but at a cost to top end pull.
I'm not sure if it does have a stall converter. Ill email the last owner and find out. At a stop if I want to launch faster I brake torque at around 2000 - 2500 rpms.

Tomorow morning I'm replacing the stock exhaust with a 2 1/2 inch exhaust, no cat and a dynomax ultraflow muffler. I'm pretty sure ill gain some low end power with that and plenty of top end.

The mitsu so far has no problem putting out the 12 psi I have it set to, all the way to the red line.

Ill check out the timing when I get to my buddy house after my exhaust is replaced.
Oh No!!
Ive created a monster.
Exhaust was replaced, launches are so much better now.
Boost comes on real quick!!!
Before it had some trouble breathing after 4500K Now it red lines so easily.

MVaughn was right, Turbo lag and not a timing issue.
It was the stock exhaust not letting this baby breath.
chazcross said:
Oh No!!
Ive created a monster.

Now i dont think the timing was the issue as stated by MVaughn.
It was the stock exhaust not letting this baby breath.
I never stated that the cam timing was the issue. That was you :D . I just told you how to check it. Glad you found the problem. :thumb:
lol sorry, I just worded that wrong.
Ill fix that.
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