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tire Q

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I want to buy some 16" wheels for my 85 SC and want to know how wide I can go and what size tires wont rub. It's going to have 1 1/2 inch lowering springs put it. Also what are some good tires? I've been thinking about G-force KDW T/A. Are these good tires?
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I put 20's on my dakota and I was concerned about rubbing when I would turn since my truck is lowered with a 2/3 drop. Before you buy tires and rims drop the charger but first take measurements of where you think you would have problems, like a before and after measurments. Go on tirerack.com or other tire sites and they should be able to tell you what your maximum tire size is with a stock height. Then compare your before and after measurements and see what your actual clearance is. Or just go to your local tire store after the car is lowered and have them help you pick out a size tire that will fit.

I have some nice 16" tires and rim for sale as well! http://www.turbododge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86198 :thumb:
i ran 205's on my shadow and they rubbed on the front if i cranked the steering to the stops. As for the tires, KDW's are an amazing tire. very sticky, they wear quickly and are usually really expensive. Im probably going with a Falken or a Yokohama tire. not as sticky, but more practical.

Im am also selling some 16" Pumpers with CS caps, with Eagle RSA's on them. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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