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To the mods: If this post is unacceptable feel free to delete. I am attempting to trade for TD related parts to help my build along.

I have a Xbox 360 W/ 7 games just sitting here that I do not use.

I am looking to trade it for various parts, or a partial trade.

I value the Lot of the System(Arcade), games, wires, manuals, ect at 375.

I have:

System W/ 256 Memory card, RCA cables, Power unit, and wireless controller. Comes in original box, w/ all papers intact.
Would trade for items ~ $250 value.

7 Games: Callofduty 4 & 2, Skate, Assassins creed, Sega rally, 50 Cent Bulletproof, and the arcade set.

Trade for ~ $50 value each​

Im in need of parts for my 88' shadow ES build. It is being rebuilt from the ground up.

Looking for:
Struts and shocks.
Aftermarket springs.
Poly bushings
Larger then stock brake setup/ rear disc swap.
Solid/ welded track arm.

Im building a NON-CB 2.2 TII
Open to any performance upgrades/ rebuild parts.

Both fenders
Any CSX parts.

Im running a a520
Short shifter(real (Lotashelbys style:thumb:) not cut down stick)


socketed/custom 87 lm
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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