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Transmission Slippage

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i have a 88 lebaron gts 2.2 turbo auto 3 speed. whenever the tranny shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear the engine revs about about an extra 1000 rpm for a second then drops back down once in 3rd gear. i recently changed the tranny fluid and filter, but that didnt seem to work. would having the bands adjusted solve the problem. need help.
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i would try bands first if one was slipping then it could cuase tranny falure how is revrse gear??
Make sure your throttle valve is adjusted properly. 2-3 shift has the front band releasing and direct clutch engaging, unless the band is too tight it shouldn't affect the 2-3 shift.
if the band is too tight it will bind into 3rd gear if it is too loose it will do more like you said. Its a timing thing. The 1-2 isn't as much a timing thing since the band comes on and a sprag releases. The sprag will just hold until the band finally applies. But the 2-3 if the band is too loose it will stop holding before the clutch applies. Adjust the bands and check your throttle cable/rod adjustment.
If the above suggestions check out, sounds like excessive clearance in the front clutch.

-Chuck James
After you check things out or adjust the bands and it still does it, just let up some when it makes the shift until you can fix the problem. Good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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