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Car is a 2.5 turbo shelby tona. doesn,t want to start when cold but if fine after it ran for a bit. While idleing you can hear it skip a bit. Idleing in gear it almost stalls the revs back up to about 1100 then idles normal the does it over and over but not consistant.

While driving its almost like its running out of fuel, very chopppy.

Now because i have many parts here,s what i,ve ruled out.

The car throws no codes.
Fuel pressure is at 48psi and doesn,t move when the car acts up
Changed fuel rail/injectors.fuel pressure reg (didn,t help)
Changed throttle body/with both sensors (didn,t help)
Changed hep (no change)
Swapped computer (no change)
Changed map/barosensor (no help)

Other than coil i can,t realy think of what else to change?

It is not a little miss. When i have the wheels blocked in gear idleing and it starts to act up the whole car rocks back and forth.

Any guestimates or ideas would be great. thanks.

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I would check the ground wires and also check the temp sendor on the thermostat box. Check in the egine management section of the forum for the readings you should be getting.

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You need some sort of organized diagnostic sequence rather than throwing the parts dart.
First you need to get the vehicle to "base idle" with the AIS out of the system so it will stop surging, then you need to determine if the misfire is related to 1 or multiple cylinders, then you need to determine if the problem is engine mechanical( valve train, timing belt) ignition( cracked cap, arcing or open ignition wires) or fuel/air(rich or lean)
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