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Wanted to post some feedback for Chris at TU, specifically related to his clutches. I’ve been using his clutches exclusively for the last 10-12 years. First was a blue plate/4 puck that I daily drove for quite some time and ran into the 10’s with my Shadow. Second was a purple/4 puck, which was in the car when it was running 10.5’s at 135+ and seeing street duty. When I started running drag week in 2013, I replaced it with a purple/232 mm 4 puck unsprung…not because the previous 4 puck was bad, just that I had the car apart and I didn’t want to gamble on an older, well used clutch at an event like drag week. That clutch has now been through 4 drag weeks, with the car loaded, towing a loaded trailer (4-5k towing miles, much of it local roads), and now 5 years worth of beatings, with 60 foot times in the mid 1.6’s. It’s awesome.

I have the car apart again, preparing for Drag Week 2018 and decided at the last second I wanted to put a fresh clutch in. Chris hooked me up again, getting a new one sent out quickly, leaving me enough time to get it in before I leave for Atlanta in 2 weeks. I went with the exact same purple/232 mm 4 puck/unsprung. Huge thanks to Chris and his clutch manufacturer for getting it done.

One thing worth noting, Chris mentioned to me that he’s running into supplier challenges for pressure plate parts and he will need to start ordering larger quantities, which is a worry for him. For my own selfish reasons, I don’t want to see the TU clutch line go away (you can see I’m a fan), so for anyone out there looking or considering building for more power or want/need a streetable clutch that simply works, consider giving Chris a call to see what he can do for you.

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