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hey guys just got my 87 sc running i need helping tunning it i dont know what to set the fuel pressure at another thing is i installed a vacuum block where do i hook up my boost gauge. does the waste gate gi right to the vaccum block. another thing on the stock vacuum block where is the barometric sensor. i was told i hafta run a line from the vacuum block to the baro to the map sensor on the computer. another thing is my fan wont turn on i disconnected the temp sensor and it turns on could the relay be bad and where is it im pretty sure its on the strut tower drivers side.... work done to the car is an original mopar super 60 cam with valve springs bigger valves enforcer 1 short block from forward motion je good rings forged rods and crank. glhs stage 2 computer with match injections 255 gph pump t2 turbo 3 inch downpipe and exhaust with magna flow muffler pleaseeee help i havent drove the car since i bought it thanks matt

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Anything that was supplied manifold vacuum form the factory vacuum harness will now get vacuum from the vacuum block.
Vacuum Block to...
Baro Solenoid
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Boost Gauge
Wastegate Solenoid or MBC
Canister Purge Solenoid
(Yes you need to run a vacuum line from the Baro to Map)

Did you read this thread???

The Cooling Fan Relay is located on the L/Side strut tower towards the fender.
All relays have 2 power sources, a ground control and an output.
With the engine running disconnect the CTS connector and check for power at the cooling fan connector.
If power is present the problem is with the cooling fan motor or its ground.
If power is not present the problem is with the relay or its circuit.

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