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Turbo-Baron's Turbo Lebaron 2011

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I have been a member of the boards for about six years and have been working on and enjoying my car just as long. If it weren't for these boards and all the super helpfull mods/members there is no way this thing would be running haha.

Mods to date
TII garret/intercooled
Ported exhaust mani
3" cat back
Vac block
Balance shafts removed
Suspension techniques springs
Daytona big front brakes & sway bar.
Cheetah RMVB
Adj bands
Duel core trans cooler


Yesterday with my new winter beater
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awesome car only thing i noticed is your upper intercooler piping, looks like it would be pulled off easy lol but hows your car run with the 2.5 and garret?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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