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Turbo, Head, Intake, IC, Spirit ES Roller, many parts!

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My long term Spirit ES project has come to an end. I have pulled the engine and everything immediatly surrounding it. The engine is still in 1 piece and can be sold as it stands, or minus turbo or something. I am not opposed to taking it apart as I wouldnt mind keeping the bottom end myself. Parts can also be delivered to SDAC


Short Block-

3,000-4,000 mile ago fresh rebuild of the stock 2.5L with new .020 over Mahle pistons, ARP head bolts, ARP main studs, and ARP rod bolts. Block was bored with a torque plate and the mains were line honed. Balance shafts are removed, oil pump port in the block was "port matched". Its wearing an 89 T2 oil pan, pickup, and new at time of rebuild oil pump. Block also has a 1" NPT equalization port which goes to valve cover.
As i said, i wouldnt mind keeping this, unless the engine sells as a unit or someone makes me a good offer on it separate.


Top End-

Head- Swirl head, medium-to-heavy porting, +1mm intake valves. Unsure of exact cfm numbers, but Paul Veliky ported it and might be able to bring up some numbers. Stock 89 T1 roller cam and valve springs. Fresh valve guide seals about 2000 miles ago.

Donovan adjustable cam sprocket.

2-pc intake, slightly ported (port matches halves and TB opening enlarged) 52mm TB. Currently there are +40s and an accufab AFPR on it, but those can be serparated also.
$250 (as a unit)

Ed Peters ported exhaust manifold with EGT tap. Ceramic coated years ago, and might need a recoat as it tends to burn off over time.

T3/T4 Hybrid turbo, Compressor is a Garrett TO4B-24 in a stock 0.42 AR stock housing CNC'd to fit the wheel. Turbine is a T3 Stage 3 in a stock 0.48 AR stock housing CNC'd to fit. Since all housings are stock on the outside, it looks and fits like a stock Garrett. Turbo was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago.



Cartech 20002 RR FPR, used probably 1000 at most, barely any hard used tuned miles.

Spearco Alcohol injection kit. Aluminum tank and 3 jet sizes. Tank pressurizes from intake source so it can inject into any level of boost.

Complete 2.5" mandrel bent custom made IC pipes and IC. I made these pipes myself and have been complimented on them MANY times. Very clean routing. Lower pipe has a Turbo XS Type H BOV and upper pipe has a "D-valve" (we'll see who here is old school enough to remember those!). I have these made to fit a Spearco 1080 CFM intercooler. Inlets on same side, its the core that many people have used. I would really like to sell this all as a kit including all fittings, brackets, and clamps. I will separate the IC if i must, but the IC pipes will be useless without this particular unit. Pipes have been ceramic coated but the finish is down to about a 6.5 out of 10. I could get them recoated. This truely is a bolt in kit for a Spirit and will cool and flow better than anything! The IC tucks nicely in the lower bumper grille (on ES and RT models) and just BARELY hangs below. (you cant tell unless you're down on your knees and looking)


More random parts will be posted as I take more apart.

The body is stilll together and I would love to sell it as a roller, but as always, i'll do what the demand is for.



Lebaron GTC 33mm front sway bar. 11" front brakes and vented rear disc's. Solid rear axle. (it turned on a RAIL)

16" Pumpers painted charcoal. 205/55/16 Bridgestone Potenza RE730 tires with about 4000 pretty easy miles on them (still PLENTY of tread left, but they have sat for too long and are starting to dry rot on the sides).

The car now has Eibachs and Konis on it but I would like to keep them. (i'll sell them if the price is right!) I dont even think the eibachs for spirits are available anymore. I will put stock springs and shocks on it unless other arrangements are made by the buyer.

I also replaced the Spirit taillights with Acclaim ones (they look so much nicer). I had to do a little custom fabbing to make the lights work properly, but they do.

Headlights, corners, and directional lenses were all replaced with new factory parts so all are clear (not yellowed)

The body itself does have some rust on it since it spent 3 yrs up north, but it isnt terrible. On the RR door, theres some rust coming around from the bottom, but that the biggest noticable spot. Ive replaced all the brake lines front to back and fuel lines. Walbro 255 pump with 3/8" return line. Paint is a 6-7 out of 10. From about 15ft it looks good, but up close it has problems. Its not bare on all horizontal surfaces or anything, but the center front above the windsheld, and same spot on the back have light surface rust showing. Body color is silver. Aftermarket sunroof. Limo tint on all windows.



All Spirit R/T seats and door panels. AC/Heater box has been pulled from the inside, along with all sound deadener and everything behind the rear seat. Speakers and radio are gone. Sitting in the car, you'll never know anything is gutted! Gauges are all 2" autometer ultra-lite and include: Mech oil pressure, mech water temp, boost, EGT. 150mph 92 Spirit R/T instrument cluster.

again, im open to offers as a roller first, but let me know interest in the parts separate too. Thats why i havent set any prices on the parts. Complete roller price would depend on how much or little you want, we can discuss this in private.

Thanks everyone! I'm not getting out of the TDs completely, just moving past this project.
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pic of the exhaust mani please. [email protected]
willing to ship the short block? How much you looking to get out of it?

PMs and Email sent!
Is the cam sprocket a round tooth or square tooth? Also, on the cartech RRR, how adjustable is that one? Can it be adjusted down to like 1.5:1 increase?
Could I get some info on the alcohol inj. I have never seen this before, BUt looking for some added power in my Spirit, thanks.
moparz- its a round tooth. Im not sure of the exact ratios on the RRR, but it can be turned down to 1:1 and im sure beyond 1.5. Its very versitle and was commonly used back in the days of Gus & Gary. I just found on Gary's site talking about the 20002 "that work on a 1.5 to 1 ratio or even higher"


1quik- this might give you more than I could tell you.. http://oldschool.supracentral.com/htm/h2o.htm I believe that is the same kit as mine.. i'll find the manual to see what model number it is. Heres a few pixs of it installed on my car

Can you send me some pics of the head to the email. I an=m also interested in the 2 piece.

[email protected]
csxt688 said:
Can you send me some pics of the head to the email. I an=m also interested in the 2 piece.

[email protected]
Here they are for anyone else too..

ported head

stock head


the head is still assembled on the engine, but as soon as it starts coming apart i can see about taking some more detailed pictures
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Whats the best you would do for the afpr and injectors?
Hey guys, PMs send. I will be pulling the top end apart this weekend and can get current/better pics for everyone else!
I am interested in the Front Koni's if you decide to go down that route, dont' need the springs or shocks!
exhaust manifold still available?
waiting, are you still selling this stuff??????
The short block is really all that have been sold so far, few other parties interested in a few of the items. sorry guys, ive been house shopping for about 6 mos and right after i posted this up I found a house and have been going thru the process so ive been distracted from PMs and all. Things are getting back to normal though!

vanman, id like to wait a little longer on parting out the body, and don't want to break the koni's F/R.

jake, yes
im interested in the head, hows it look after you pulled it? let me know
Ok, well let me know, I am still interested! Thanks!
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