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My impatience is your gain. Are you building a T3 car but lack a hard-to-find cylinder head, turbo, gasket, or something else? Do you want to put a Turbo-III into a Chrysler Executive or Dodge Caravan? This may be just what you want!

I've put the best out of three 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T's into one good long block in excellent condition. The cylinder walls showed clear hash marks prior to assembly. There has been no blowby, and the plugs are clean after 1000 miles. The head does not leak, no coolant in the spark plug wells. The turbo has no angular slack and is darn near silent! You get your choice of stock injectors and ECU or +20% injectors and FWD Performance stage 1 calibration. New AJUSA engine gasket set is installed. ARP head studs are installed at 85 ft lbs, and the engine was run for 1,000 miles. (The head nuts have not been re-torqued.) The timing belt has roughly 2,000 miles.

The car ran very strong, but it had a lingering electrical/electronic problem that never went away, so we're switching to an 8v motor for simplification purposes. It ran smooth and quiet, except for an exhaust lifter tap around cylinder 3 from stock hydraulic lash adjusters. (Will happily include extra lash adjusters if you like, but the aftermarket alternatives are probably really your best bet.)

You get everything you need to run the motor as well as many many additional parts and pieces, shy of the wiring harness...and the rest of the car, I suppose. We have a chain hoist and a garage, so we'll drop it into your truck or trailer.

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