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Had this listed in my large for sale section, would like to give it some more exposure.

Motor was pulled from my 87 Shadow es, when I junked it because of frame rust. It had low compression on #3 cylinder. Initialy was saving this to thow in the R/T if needed.

2.2 turbo motor
86 block tanked/ cleaned bored .20 over by Mets machine shop Mansfield, OH
Rebuild parts from FWDP
Mahle pistons
TII rods(pistons)
clevite bearings
seals, timing belt etc.
New mopar intermediate shaft and melling oil pump

Stock turbo head
Clearanced for hybrid turbo
89 turbo springs
valve stem seals
89 one piece seal, valve cover

Will also come with:
TII intake
TII exhaust manifold
Power steering pump
Most sensors still on engine

I also have,TII fuel rail, injector harnesses, thottle body if wanted for a little more$ http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll8/unluckyty92/HPIM1680.jpg

For $600, motor is reassembled and ready to go.
Located in North central Ohio 44813 area.

Thanks for looking.


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Should be good, the cracked piston was the problem.
The new piston will need to be run/cycled to seal correctly. I can not recheck compression correctly, as it is on an engine stand.

From past experience should not be a problem, really fresh block with excellent cross hatching in cyliners.

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