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Turbo removal

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Putting in a new motor (92 daytona ES). It's a turbo motor but I'm taking the turbo stuff off and putting on the non turbo intake and exhaust manifolds. Would there be any concerns? Lower compression ratio? Anything?

Converting to non turbo because car originally had non turbo, and I'm not gonna get the new computer and fuel rails and whatever else. No replies with "why no turbo?"
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Well, first off, performance will suck. The turbo motors are only about 8.4:1 compression, so you are going to lose tons of power. The spark curve won't be right because the lower compression will want a lot more advance.

Will it run? Probably, but you won't be happy with it.

Also, being a 92, I'm guessing it was originally a 2.5. Is the new motor a 2.5 as well? If not, the fuel curve will be off as well.
Once I had the lower intercooler hose pop off after I done some tinkering, it was just a test drive and I was close to home so I just drive back to fix it. Essentially I was running a turbo engine - naturally aspirated - it was a DOG!!!

I suggest you seriously reconsider.
Nice strong engine,You can run cheap gas and use nitrous to make up for the power loss LOL
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