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Underdash air cond. units?

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I'm thinking of putting A/C in my Rampage. Was looking on line at some of the aftermarket underdash air cond. units. Has anyone installed them? Lots of work? Am I better off to try to install a factory type unit? Any info sure would help.
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The ones from TBI work fine. Vintage Air also makes them for the streetrod world.

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you would be better off pieceing together a stock unit as i priced a complete replacement setup at around 5-600 for new everything on my turismo, but i did not want to spend that much, vintage air will also put a big dent in your wallet

anything from a L-Body will work, you will need the HVAC box and the A/C/Heater control deck as the heater only deck and box will not work
depending on the o-e set up you find , you will have to chop / drill holes in the firewall and (maybe) close off the old air inlet to the box and cut a new one next to it

early L bodies came with an a/c box with air inlet at the pass corner of the cowel

heater only L bodys came with a center inlet air box

some later L bodys with air also use the center inlet - same as heat only .. but I've only ever seen 1 car with that set up - I think it was a very late model charger or turismo
It's a waste of time because it involves alot of work and money. It would be better oFf buying a cigarette lighter fan and just using that for air or just role down the windows.
Just get a ac/dc converter and buy this!
Haier - Refurbished 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Silver - CPRB08XCJ
A few years back I was drag racing Matchbox at Indy on over 100 degree days. I parked near an ice machine that was not working, ran an extension cord from it to my car, then stuck a small 110 window ac in the drivers sidfe window of the car...rolling it up slightly to hold the unit in place! Now, if only I had a long enough cord to go all the way down track and return road I would have had it made!
It's funny that you mentioned that story. I work at a heavy truck parts place. Trucker came in to buy a 3500 watt converter for a portable air cond. for his semi. Said he mounted the unit in the sleeper, and runs the drain hose outside. He said it works, and it is cheaper than constantly fixing his truck A/C .
vintage air and the likes take alot more working to get in the car than a stock system would. i have installed a few vintage air and hot rod air (out of business) systems in muscle cars and hot rods. they are nice but where there are no kits for are cars unless you have the crimping tools, fittings,lines and a way to adapt the compressor to our brackets or make fittings to our compressors it will not be a walk in the park. yes it can be done but it will not be cheap or easy.

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