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Upper door trim(grey) from GLH

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The one right above the door panels,in the front.
I replaced the door panels,but didnt realize that part is seperate.
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These are made of Un-obtanium.

Two options:

Upgrade to later style door panels, easier to find, better looking and padded where your arm rests when it is out the window.

Send your old desintegrating one to Just Dashes and they will fix it. Expect to pay something like $90 for each one you need repaired.
Richard Paul said:
These are made of Un-obtanium.

That's hilarious. I have a couple of those. Which door?
I should have said that they can be found but the usual state is the plastic is flaking off. Most of the time that is what is wrong with your original one.
If you just don't have one, then a flaking one may be an improvement. But the best is a set of later door panels. They look better and are not too hard to find.
Looking for both sides,i would like to keep it orginal.
Re door panels

I have a set of light blue very cheap 3.00 plus shipping lmk todd :thumb:
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