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using regular gas

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i was just wondering if it would be ok to run regular if im going on a long trip in my TD and dont plan on going into high boost. i would adjust it down to like 10 psi. do you guys think this would be ok? 245 a gal hurts
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10 pounds is around stock for some turbo dodges....
depending on what engine you have it should be fine

i run regular in my van with a 2.5 at 12 pounds non intercooled and havent ever had a problem.
An extra 2 bucks per fillup for premium fuel is cheap for peace of mind.
costco has a pretty good deal on premium. Their regular is cheap, and their premium is usually the same price as other stations regular. Only like 9 cents more than costco regular too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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