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Utah area 2.5 turbo common block bare

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Need a 2.5 common block for a TII set up. Standard bores. Need to pick it up in the SLC area. I'd rather buy from a fellow TD'er than the JY.

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There are a number of common block turbo cars at the Pic N Pull in Orem. There is an 89 2.5 turbo Spirit, an 89 2.2 T2 Shelby Daytona, and I was told that they just drug in another 89 T2 Shelby Daytona, but I haven't been able to check that one out yet. The one Daytona I have seen has a 555 in it as well, so that would be a nice score if someone had the time to go pull it.
I have a 2.5 Turbo common block, but it's bored .030 over, machine work already done.. ready to go. if your interested. :confused:
I went to the local yard and only found two. One had no oil in it, in an old turbo mini wood applique, brown with maroon interior 2.5 auto with a one piece intake.... guy said they drain the oil in all their yard cars. Do I trust him??? The other engine was sitting in an old Shelby Daytona's trunk minus turbo. Trans was off etc, but this one had a log intake??? Makes me think it's a 2.2 but the car is an '89 according to the emissions sticker. I should have looked at the VIN, but that engine could have been from anything. Lots of good misc parts in it. I thought of making an offer on that mini; says they have the title. Saw a later model IROC Daytona but drivetrain was pulled... Interesting day. Thanks Tyler for your tip.
That common block you are PM'ing me about isn't standard bore.. IDK if you are still interested or not.. At least the price is right lol
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