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vacuum problem

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so my uncle just replaced the power steering pump and he for some reason messed with the vacuum lines. My problem is that the car doesn't run right, it starts to studier when i accelerate and i have checked the vacuum lines, but i don't know what goes where and cant find a diagram on here or google images. my car is a 2.5l turbo 1 car daytona shelby. any help is appreciated.:bang head
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thanks for the diagram, i have found the problem in the map sensor/ barometer section would that cause the check engine light? or no boost problem?
Map is dominant fuel control and will set a Code 13 or 14.
If there is a vacuum leak boost pressure will not reach the engine, everything off the manifold is pressureized when in boost so a leak allows the pressure to vent to the atmosphere.
Also, if the CEL is on the car is in failure mode and the controller may not allow boost or high rpm.
thanks for all your help, just found the problem which involved putting silicon on a new vacuum entrance input tube and all my boost is back to normal and the engine check light is off. thanks.
On the diagram above when the lines cross each other does it mean that they are connected to each other ???? I just the daytona turbo and its not in running condition but i want to get it up and running . It sounds like it wasnts to start but then dies a few seconds later and i am trying to learn how to set up the vacuum lines since its my first time ...
On the diagram above when the lines cross each other does it mean that they are connected to each other ????
No, they do not connect to each other.
Thanks so much tryingbe... One more question in the waste gage there is a hose in thr back behing the manifold that didnt have a hose when i bought the car were does that hose go to ?? I tried everything to make the waste gage to work but nothing seems to work if anyone knoes what other sep to take please let me know i would really apreciate it
If you are referring to the vacuum port on the rear of the intake manifold on the driver side of the engine...
The large port is vacuum to the brake booster and the smaller port is the vacuum/pressure port that runs to the BOV(Blow Off Valve)in the stock air filter box.
As far as the wastegate goes, there is one vacuum line that runs to the wastegate from the wastegate solenoid and that line tee's from the wastegate and runs to the top port of the turbo compressor housing(side without the wastegate).

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