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Vapor canister filter help

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Does anyone know how to change the vapor canister filter? I just received the filter but have no clue as how to install it. I want to change the filter not delete the canister.
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Remove old one... Install new one! Now we
Got over the basics would you min posting
A picture of what your working with?
Not a pic but here it goes;


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Ok I though it was a small bolt from underneath but I'm not near my car so I cannot really help you more sorry man. How do you know yours is broken?
Are you referring to a round/flat filter that would go on the underside of the canister?
I remember GM using them but I do not think our cars use them.
I just looked on Rock Auto and they do list one which is not correct for the application.

The FSM states....
"A sealed, maintenance free, charcoal canister is used on all engines..."
I got one from JEGGS.com Item number Wix Filters 495-46956 - WIX Filters Fuel Vapor Canister Filters - Overview - SummitRacing.com
Box states its an "Emission Control Filter" Made by WIX part number 46956
It shows it's compatable with my 1988 Chrysler LeBaron convertible.
That actually looks like a breather filter that goes in the air cleaner, never saw one of those on a turbo car or for the vapor canister.

Did you look up your emissions/evap system in the Chrysler Parts Catalog to see if anything like that is shown and where it goes?
I looked thru the 88p.pd and could locate a bread down for the vapor canister. Looks lie I hay have to pull it then try various part stores including home depot. My just have to by one and cut it down to fit. In your VAST documentation would you happen to have a break down?

Regardless of how they listed it that is not a vapor canister filter.
After looking thru the parts catalog that is a breather filter that goes in the air cleaner housing.
Download 88, click on Fuel and go to Page 547, Figure 14-500,
Item #25 #4306914 Filter, Crankcase Inlet Air.
Where are you looking this up at if I may ask. I tried searching 88p.PDF, alldata, and mitchels.
Can you poin me to the file. If you can't post it PM me the link.

As always thanks for help!!!!!

I took a flash light and checked out my air box. It has the main filter for the intake manifold and a very small tiney one that feeds the pcv valve. Their is no filter for the vapor canister.

Took a while to find it, it was in 88e.PDF. Here is the break down of the vapor canister. Needless to say it's no longer available. FYI the part number for the filter is J3227279
Finally I found a break down. Here is what I found out. Item #2 is the filter;


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replacement filter is a Fram BA357. Ordered one from summitracing;

mine has to be near clocked by now!
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