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voltage regulator

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Okay, so I picked up an external voltage regulator for my daytona from an 83 omni. Does anyone know how to wire it? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Thanks, I believe that we have every thing hooked up correctly, but it is over charging the system now. Is there supposed to be a ballast resistor or something in the set up?
ah forget it, I'm just going to make an rx-7 alternator fit in it's place, it has a built in v. reg.
no ballist resistor. i got mine on a 87 lebaron, using a voltage regulator off a 74 dodge truck, i would assume its the same as yours. if its overcharging, something must be wired wrong. if you've got the chrysler regulator, and the little pigtail with the two wires, look at my posts in the thread and it should work fine. took about a week before the computer stopped giving my the power loss light, but its all good now.
I have the regulator out of an 83 omni, we have everything hooked up the way it says in the posts (or as far as I can tell we do) and still no luck. Blue wire to ground, 12 v ignition to one of the posts on the v. reg., and the green wire to the other post.
i had the same problem and got a voltage regulator today. in easy terms can someone explain to me which wires go where. it has two pins on the regulator
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