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Voltage Tables

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Does anyone know what the voltage to charge air temperature table is?

I have just purchased an LM-3 AuxBox from Innovate Motorsports and I want to record the charge air temps from my sensor but I don't know what the voltage conversion table is.

Also does anyone have the EGT conversion table as well??

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TPS Response Chart
Throttle Position in Degrees to Increase of Minimum TPS Volts
Closed Throttle
10 DEGS/0.00V
20 DEGS/0.38V
30 DEGS/0.75V
Half Throttle
45 DEGS/1.31V
58 DEGS/1.80V (1)
75 DEGS/2.43V (2)
Wide Open Throttle
90 DEGS/3.00V

(1) The computer will usually consider an increase of 1.80 volts or more over the minimum TPS voltage to be WOT.
(2)2.43 volts above the minimum TPS voltage during cranking will cause the computer to recognize Clear Flood request shutting off all fuel delivery.
Is this data the same for the N/A 3.0 v6?
It should be, all 3 wire variable resistor sensors (Map and TPS) operate on the same 5 volt reference.The only exceptions to this would be a N/A and Turbo Map as the Turbo has to read above atmospheric(boost).Changing from manufacturer to manufactuer the voltage reading may be different as far as what thier controller parameters are set to see as normal but the MAP and TPS will still read 0- 5volts.
The voltage tables posted are for Chrysler Vehicles.When you check TPS you are looking for excessivly low or high readings with the throttle closed(will set a code) or dead spots when you sweep the TPS.
Ok, thanks. I was just confused about this since my data-cd says the TPS should output 1-5volts, when this voltage table says 0-3volts. But i would believe this info to be correct since i get like a bit over 3 volts max on my sensor.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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