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WANT: 2.5" DP

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this is my first mod doing on the convert. i am getting a motor this weekend. it doesnt have to be an aftermarket DP, just aslong its a 2.5" DP. thanks
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I've got a 2.5" dp off of a daytona, its missing the donut, but if you want it you can have it cheap, let me know.
bump.....still looking. need one very soon so i can run straight exhaust.
I got a stainless 2.5 in DP I would let go for 65, thats what I paid for it - pm me if ya want it
Mind in I get in on the DP action? Where were you guys when I made this post:p Mind shootin some pics?
Dunno why you need pics of a DP, they all look the same! Here is the one I got though, since I had it right here by the PC its not too hard to shoot a couple pics real fast :)


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1. I was was referring to the s/s dp

2. I am just that tired, to the point where I read dp and think sv. pardon my dileriousness.
yeah well those are pics of the s/s dp - you can see it is used, I bought it from someone on here and never used it. I think chris faulk? Can't remember....
i have one and will have it when the car comes home. James you gotta bring the motor lift by anyways, if you want it, its complete with donut
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