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Wanted - Direct Connection Headlight Covers ('84-up L body)

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I'm looking for a pair of the Direct Connection / Mopar Performance headlight covers for an '84 Rampage (side by side lights).

The correct part #'s for these would be P4286820 for clear covers, or
P4286821 for tinted covers.

This is for a Land Speed Racing attempt. The rules dictate that only factory or dealer-installed options (DC or MP) parts are able to be used.

GTS or homemade covers are not acceptable to the sanctioning body.

If anybody has a lead on the correct covers, :thumb:

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Still looking, haven't found a pair yet.
haveing seen the dc ones on an 84 lazer , back in 85 - there isn't much diff from them to the gt styleing set once the GTS stickers and the rubber edgeing are pulled off the GTS set

the mounting brackets are pretty much the same idea but I'd consider some small metal L bractets screwed to the covers and car for "safety"- that would eliminate any diff in the bracket

can you not counterfit them ?
I agree that there isn't much difference, but there is absolutely no counterfeiting allowed, and it's up to the competitor to prove to the satisfaction of the inspectors that all parts are legit. I know another guy who has a set of the covers for an '83 and down Rampage, and has submitted photos of the covers, photos of the original boxes, a pic of the boxes in front of his vehicle, etc. to verify the authenticity.

I realize that these are rare parts, but I'm still holding out hope that I may be able to get my hands on a set.

K , I had to ask
sorry I never got around to buyin them when I had my car or I could have helped ya out
Still looking, keeping hope alive that there's an NOS pair of these sitting on a shelf somewhere.

have you asked around on the other forums? I know some of the guys over there have a bunch of nos stuff, probably will still be very hard to find these though.
are they for single headlights like a shelby charger or tc3/o24 front end? or a 4 headlight front end like the base model chargers and turismos?
I have checked at Allpar and the turbomopar forums. Yes, they are more rare than I thought they would be. I just know deep down there's a pair sitting on a shelf somewhere, I just need to get in touch with the right person.

These are for the 4-headlight models. Mine is an '84 Rampage, which is like a Turismo or base Charger front end from '84-87.

The ones I'm looking for have to be the genuine Mopar parts. GTS aftermarket parts are not legal within the SCTA rules. They have to be OEM parts.
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