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Wanted to buy

Listed in order of preference
84-87 Dodge Charger 2.2
84-87 Plymouth Turismo 2.2
84-87 Dodge Charger
84-87 Plymouth Duster
85-87 Dodge Omni
85-87 Plymouth Horizon

My preference are as follows:

White exterior w/ red highback bucket seat interior
5 speed transmission
be in or around Colorado
Running or not
rust free
as original as possible

Willing to consider any vehicle close to my preference. All preference are negotiable.

My goal is to restore and drive my 1986 Dodge Charger 2.2 w/ 27k original one owner miles to the Mopar Nationals in 2011 (car will be 25 yrs old). Then to Boston(my hometown) to take pictures in the same locations as I did in 1986. This has been a lifelong dream. It would be great to find others wanting to caravan out to Ohio as well.

Yes, I am the original owner. With the exception of the exhaust system, tires (still have one Eagle GT not dry rotted left), front brake pads, egr valve, battery, spark plugs (still have the originals w/ 1000 miles use), spark plug wires (still have the original date code ones), radiator cap, fluids and misc items, the car is all original. I am attempting to locate a car to replace any and all original parts that I am missing or have surface rust on them (bolts, brackets, hose clamps, ect included) without spending a million dollars(poor government civil servant) or hours doing so.

Any one with mechanical and restoration knowledge of these Mopars in around the Canon City, Colorado area willing share your wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Please Private Message me.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Mopar to ya!!!!!


P.S. I have attached photos of my pride and joy for your viewing pleasure.

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I have an 81 Horizon TC3 Convertible
One of 28 ever made. AHA Limousine (their Ponycar COnvertible sunsidiary) in Toronto made it, and it sold new from Toronto Chrysler in 1981.See link:
Coach convertible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

40,000 orig miles.
4 spd, 2.2.
Black on grey corduroy. Very clean car, except the convertible top needs repair.
Orig everything, ight down to the factory 8 track player. Orig e brake cables still working.
Always garaged.

I won't give it away, but I want to sell it to someone who wants a rare piece of FWD Mopar history. You seem like you may be the type who'd apprecaite such a car.

PM if interested.
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