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Wanted: Turbo Valves for a G Head

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Anybody have any? I desperately need them!!
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G-casting valves

I have a (New) std. set of Mopar backcut valves instock $ 120.00 Pm me if your interested.

Michael J. Sanders
Turbo Dynamx, Inc.
there any more out there? (sorry man, on a small budget :D)
i have a set but am unsure of if they are what you need. they were in the head that came off my t1 87 shadow.
Yeah, I think '86 and up were swirl heads.

Anyone know if new grooves can be cut (and have the ends shaved) in swirl valves to make them shorter? so they fit in a g-head?
We also have (New) Stock turbo valves instock for $76.00 set

or a used set for $50.00

Let me know!

used - but in good shape - correct?

is there any way to tell if my valves are the hardened turbo valves or not? I got a rebuilt g head, but the valves don't have a t stamped into them.
The used valves will come cleaned and re-ground for $50.00..as far as checking to see if there turbo I am unsure of any specific way to check and see if there turbo or not. 1.) There both steel castings 2.) same length and dimensions and 3.) The only real difference is the type of steel and hardening process which might make them a different shade or coloring. But in all reallity if you have no way to check for sure I wouldn't chance it..it is deffinetly cheap insurance to go with something thats proven and made for those heat levels.

Mr P-Body, PM sent
1 - 9 of 9 Posts