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Weld spatter in gears

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The rear planetary spider in my A413 was broken in several pieces. But the pinions were OK so I made a new spider out of some steel plate. But when I welded the pinion shafts back into the end plates, I got weld spatter all over the inside of the assembly! (Incidentally, the pins were easy to remove from the old plates because all the original welds were broken.) The new assembly seems to turn freely, how much trouble am I asking for putting it back together that way? By the way, has anyone heard of trouble from parts attracting metal dust because they got magnetized by electric welding? (My parts were noticeably magnetized so I degaussed them.)
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I don't know if I would want to use them. If you really must, then make sure the assembly will turn freely when you put it together. I know I have a couple of extras, and I'm sure someone closer to you on this group should also. There are probably tons of A413's around for parts.
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