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What, exactly, is an "005" headgasket?

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I keep seeing it as recommended and I have no idea what the "005" stands for. :D

Also, what is the dealership part number for this gasket?
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It's part of the part number. It's the MP 4452005 head gasket (Mopar Performance). It's actually called the non-cross drilled hg, but it has the holes for cross drilling, and it has bigger coolant holes.

The MP 4452006 is the one meant for cross drilled block, but I would run the 005 no matter what head/block you have.
Sweet. Im putting a G-head on my 2.5L mini, so I guess the 005 is what I need! THANX!
The 006 has smaller holes elsewhere to push more coolant through the x-drills.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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