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What is the turbo used on a 1985 Daytona 2.2 Turbo Z car?

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So while my son's car is in the shop after the engine rebuild, I decided to take apart his turbo and see why the wheels have some lateral movement. Typically the tag should tell me what the turbo is supposed to be but it turns out it is a reman. I would like to get a rebuild kit for it, I do not trust many of the shops out there when they do not even list his car as an option. So what the heck do I look for when looking for parts?
1985 Turbo 1 car Garrett turbo T1? T2? T3? T4?
Not sure what the A/R specs are, and can some one break down the tag for me to tell me some info on what we have?

I realize it is a T-1 Garrett turbo. Money is tights so I am trying to rebuild myself to save money. I just do not know what to ask for or where to go.

Pictures for your enjoyment LOL!

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What you have is a TB03XX. Could be a TB0335. Commonly just referred to as a T03. It is a T-1. This is a draw through or pull through turbo. As evidenced by the 3 bolt compressor cover. For a rebuild kit you need one that has the 4 piece carbon seal, and not the dynamic seal. 4 piece carbon seals will work on both draw through and later blow through turbos. The dynamic seal will not work with a draw through log manifold engine like yours. Lateral movement would indicate thrust bearing issue. Check the backing plate carefully for wear.
Good things to upgrade is the thrust bearing to a 360° and a staggered turbine seal. Don't cheap out on buying a kit. Try to avoid the $30 made "who knows where" kits.
I just bought a complete "full" kit with all the upgrades for $90 shipped from PT turbos (Performance Techniques) in San Bernardino, CA. I would be highly suspect of any complete kit under $60. They also have rebuild kits on Amazon and eBay. Avoid kits that say T3/T4 as they will have some misc. brackets and o-rings that you can't use on your turbo.
Good for you that you got it all apart without bustin a bunch of bolts off in the housing!
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Thanks Todd for the help. I really appreciate it. As for the rebuilding the kit is only as good as the quality and since I know very little about the ins and outs of the turbo that info is money well spent.
we converted the engine while out to a T2 set up with the one piece intake and different distributor, electronics, 3 bar map ETC.
Engine got a 89 roller cam and lifters, a little porting and fresh internals.
It was a T-1 motor so we upgraded the head bolts to 11mm as well.
Setting boost limit to like 14-15psi.
I will give that company a ring tomorrow am. All bolts came out except on on the exhaust snail side.
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