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What you have is a TB03XX. Could be a TB0335. Commonly just referred to as a T03. It is a T-1. This is a draw through or pull through turbo. As evidenced by the 3 bolt compressor cover. For a rebuild kit you need one that has the 4 piece carbon seal, and not the dynamic seal. 4 piece carbon seals will work on both draw through and later blow through turbos. The dynamic seal will not work with a draw through log manifold engine like yours. Lateral movement would indicate thrust bearing issue. Check the backing plate carefully for wear.
Good things to upgrade is the thrust bearing to a 360° and a staggered turbine seal. Don't cheap out on buying a kit. Try to avoid the $30 made "who knows where" kits.
I just bought a complete "full" kit with all the upgrades for $90 shipped from PT turbos (Performance Techniques) in San Bernardino, CA. I would be highly suspect of any complete kit under $60. They also have rebuild kits on Amazon and eBay. Avoid kits that say T3/T4 as they will have some misc. brackets and o-rings that you can't use on your turbo.
Good for you that you got it all apart without bustin a bunch of bolts off in the housing!
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