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what TII rads. the same?

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88,89 90? or 90+?

i have a 90 and am in need of a tII rad.
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You mean radiator I assume.

Car type is needed, they change with body styles, some same, some different.

What you drivin man?
opps sorry for a 90 daytona
Yeah, and to add to your problem, 90 is different from previous models. DPI (radiator master guide) lists a number 67 for 86-89 W/O intercooler number 65 for Intercooled and number 68 for 2.5L and V6 in 90 and 1076 for 2.2L 91-93 are different again. Looks like you will have to buid your own setup.
sounds like a bummer :( was hoping for just a drop in solution.
so i should be looking for a 90 VNT Radiatior? vnt daytonas were made in 90 right? or was 91 the first year?
90 was the only year for a VNT in a daytona. so you need to search for a 90 VNT rad. or you could always swap the upper rad support so you can use an 89.... i think it'll work...
after looking that up you are right. wonder why there is a white daytona VNT here that has the 91+ center console? owner claims its all stock. it even had wierd pockets in the door pannels id never seen before on a daytona.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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