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What transmissions will work?

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2.2 T1 engine, and I was wondering what transmissions/transaxels, whatever, would work in the car, or with a T1. I was wondering if a 5-speed from a SRT-4 car would work, since what I’ve been told is that the ones that came in the cars couldn’t handle the torque the engines produced.

anything helps, thanks.
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You couldn't have done much research on this as it has been covered dozens if not hundreds of times over the years. Your on the right forum (along with T-M), but you really should learn how to use the search function.
It would help those of us that want to help you, to tell us what application your vehicle is, and what your goals are for the vehicle. Maybe even what your honest skill levels is as far as wrenching or mechanical aptitude. Then we can make some suggestions for you.

This website may also help.
Click on transaxle guide and/or turbo database on left side of screen and click on whatever suits your fancy.

BTW- the SRT-4 transmission will not bolt in without a fair amount of fabrication/mods. There are much easier and better alternatives IMO.
Donovan is where I got some of my info from. Thank you, very much appreciated 👍
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