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what trany?????

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help! im rebuilding a trany for my friends van and i need to order a rebuild kit but im not sure what trany it is.
i looked at it and cant see any casting #s or markings.
the van is a 94 voyager 3.3 V6 with a computer controlled 3 speed trany, but im hearing difforent storys of it being a A-604 or A-670/720 (or what ever the other one is) all i know is its off the 3.3L, its deffinatly a 3 speed, and its the computer controlled one with the big computer box on the front of the trany case. please help!! what trany am i ordering a rebuild kit for??
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Is there an overdrive button, on the console, to the right of the steering wheel, below the the rear window heater squirter button?

It is an A604 if there is one.
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