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what trany?????

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help! im rebuilding a trany for my friends van and i need to order a rebuild kit but im not sure what trany it is.
i looked at it and cant see any casting #s or markings.
the van is a 94 voyager 3.3 V6 with a computer controlled 3 speed trany, but im hearing difforent storys of it being a A-604 or A-670/720 (or what ever the other one is) all i know is its off the 3.3L, its deffinatly a 3 speed, and its the computer controlled one with the big computer box on the front of the trany case. please help!! what trany am i ordering a rebuild kit for??
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The only computer controlled tranny in 94 was the A604. Not all A604 equipt vehicles had an "Overdrive" switch, non of my minivans have had it (89,93,94). Good luck rebuilding it, there is a large snap ring in the middle of the case holding one of the clutch units in. It is under a lot of pressure. A friend of mine who is a Chrysler technician tried one of these without the special tool and destryed the case.
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