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what year is this digi dash?

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The guy claims it's for a 85-86 Chrysler Lebaron. It looks like the 87-89 Lebaron/Daytona, which is what I'm looking for. Does anyone on here Know for sure what car it's out of?eBay Motors: 85 86 CHRYSLER LEBARON CONVERTABLE DIGITAL DASH DISPLAY (item 230237553088 end time Apr-06-08 15:46:58 PDT)
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Looks like the 87-89 cluster to me.
YES! Now everybody leave it alone so I can get it cheap!:D
Last one that I pay attention to went to $80
I just would hate to give too much for it and find out the gas gauge reads full all the time, like the one I have now!
Late 80's-early 90's Dynasty,New Yorker, or Imperial. I googled chrysler digital dash under images, and the first picture was of a Imperial dash swap into a '92 Dynasty. If you look farther down in the story, that dash died and he found a '88 New Yorker digi dash to put in the car. That one looks almost identical to yours. Google Image Result for http://www.imperialclub.com/Yr/1990/90DigitalDash/digitdash2.jpg
Since your's doesn't have the gear indicator on the bottom (it just says front drive), it's from a Dodge Spirit, or Plymouth Acclaim(according to the story).
I won the digi dash on ebay for $48 shipped! Now I just hope it works!
I won the digi dash on ebay for $48 shipped! Now I just hope it works!
Good luck, I moded that same kind to fit my '89 Spirit, works good!
another one- pulled it out of a 80's? Lebaron- couldn't find the exact year of the car!!!!


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This one is the same as mine. A 88 Daytona Pacifica
So inturn it would 1987-89 Daytona or LeBaron
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